What in the world is a Paczki?



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What in the world is a Paczki?
SpartanNash corporate stores gear up to sell over 500,000 of these tasty treats on Fat Tuesday!

Grand Rapids, Mich., Feb. 08, 2016 — D&W Fresh Markets, Family Fare, Family Fresh Market and VG’s neighborhood supermarkets have assembled thousands of the delicious paczkis (pronounced poonch-key) to celebrate Fat Tuesday on February 9, 2016.

Paczkis originated in Poland as a part of the feasting and celebration that ends on Paczki day, or “Fat Tuesday,” the day before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. The tradition was started as a way to use the remaining eggs and fat in the kitchen which families did not eat during the Lenten season. These extra rich pastries were the last indulgence until Easter.

Paczkis are made from rich round yeast raised dough that is fried and filled with a variety of flavors before being coated with granulated sugar or a sweet glaze. Paczki means ‘little package’ in Polish.  Traditional fillings are prune or apricot, but are also made with more conventional fillings as raspberry, lemon and Bavarian crème.

Paczkis have a huge following – not just amongst those with a Polish heritage or commitment to giving up sweets during Lent.  To help spread the story of the Paczki and encourage people to try one of these tasty treats with a funny name, SpartanNash put together a fun video on what they are and how to make a Paczki.  Such videos are standard ‘fare’ on social media sites these days.  One can go to D&W Fresh Markets, Family Fare, Family Fresh Market and VG’s Facebook pages to watch the video:

D&W Fresh Market

Family Fare

Family Fresh Market

VG’s Grocery

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