Corporate Responsibility Report

Our commitment. Our impact.

We are excited to share our 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report, which highlights our commitments and accomplishments in both social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

At SpartanNash, we are mindful that our business decisions, products, services and operations have a direct impact on the environment, our communities, customers and coworkers. We define this intentional decision-making process as our company’s corporate responsibility commitment.

Corporate Responsibility is a journey – not a one-and-done activity, event or initiative. We measure success based on decreasing our environmental impact, advancing our social stewardship and sustaining our commitments in accordance with our financial performance.

As you flip through the report, you’ll note the importance we place on the relationships we form with our family of nearly 16,000 associates, our hundreds of thousands of store guests in our corporate-owned stores in eight states, our independent customers in 2,100 retail locations throughout the United States and our military heroes around the world. We also take our relationship with ‘Mother Earth’ very seriously, investing millions of dollars in sustainable practices throughout our operations to minimize our environmental footprint.

At SpartanNash, we are investing in today, to ensure a better tomorrow.

Take a look and let us know what you think.