Our Private Brands

SpartanNash offers a portfolio of best-quality private brand products to reach our diverse markets and a varied customer base. These brands add depth to product variety for your store. Our private label offering includes products of outstanding quality to build the reputation of your retail business; your consumers will perceive product superiority across all dimensions of visual appearance, taste and packaging. We’ve achieved superior quality by seeking products with a significant advantage over traditional branded products.

Our products are continually recognized for excellence, and these awards underscore our continued commitment to provide you with quality products for your consumers.

We’ve developed a comprehensive private label brands program that creates the following competitive advantages for SpartanNash-supplied grocery retailers:

  • Increased profitability
  • Differentiation from competitors
  • Consumer loyalty to exclusive brands

Please note: Brand availability varies by region.


Why b•leve?
  • b•leve is a line of hair, skin and body care products and beauty and bath accessories.
  • Contains natural ingredients and advanced formulations for a luxurious feel.
  • The brand targets families who are seeking high performance, convenient and affordable beauty solutions.

Full Circle

Eat Smart. Live Naturally.
  • Full Circle is the preferred “health & wellness” brand that consumers can trust to always be great tasting, 100% natural and/or organic and environmentally friendly.
  • Offers solutions to a growing niche market, for sales and profit enhancement.
  • Is your health and wellness natural/organic solution.
  • The consumer perceives Full Circle as a healthy, great tasting lifestyle solution.
  • Provides a more healthful eating and living experience for the entire family at an affordable price.

Open Acres

Quality you can trust, fresh taste you love

Open Acres is the largest brand spanning all Fresh categories: Bakery, Deli, Meat, Produce, and Seafood.

Open Acres offers fresh, quality, on trend products; appealing overall to the changing needs and wants of shoppers. What they’re in search of are healthier choices with simpler ingredients, little to no processing, and visually appealing packaging. Open Acres satisfies all those needs, offering quality in the perimeter at an affordable, everyday cost.

Shoppers interested in fresher foods now have a go-to brand that affords them everyday savings. Your store benefits by having a private label brand that drives sales in the Fresh category where shoppers are spending more dollars.

Our Family®

Quality since 1904

A household name since 1904, has earned the trust and loyalty of customers. Our Family® brand products meet or exceed all store and national brands in product quality. The brand spans categories including: Grocery, Frozen, Dairy, Meat (Sub brands: Seafood Sensations and Smokehouse), GM and Health & Beauty Care.

PAWS Premium

Feed the love
  • For the pet owner looking to take care of their special family member, Paws provides a complete range of high quality pet food, treats, toys and accessories with quality as good as or better than national brands, at a better price.
  • Paws builds loyalty through differentiation, which is a benefit to the retailer.
  • The brand is to be perceived as the preferred pet solution alternative which provides total pet care without national brand prices.

Pure Harmony

Whole plate nutrition to let your pet(s) thrive

We know that you want to take care of your furry family member like you take care of yourself. SpartanNash is proud to offer Pure Harmony to your family. Pure Harmony is a high quality pet food brand that provides options for grain free food and offer meat, poultry or fish as the first ingredient. Pure Harmony is carefully blended with real, wholesome ingredients from a variety of food groups.

Pure Harmony, has whole plate nutrition to let your pet(s) thrive. Not only does Pure Harmony offers food for your furry friend(s) but also yummy treats. Make sure to stop into your SpartanNash-supplied grocery store to pick up the best for your pet(s).

Spartan Brand

Shop Smart. Buy Spartan.
  • Provides national brand equivalent or better quality product at a lower cost to consumers.
  • Generates enhanced margins while building loyalty and equity.
  • Spartan is a trusted brand with a time-honored tradition of quality and a double your money back satisfaction guarantee.
  • Spartan brand is the leader and drives the overall development of the portfolio. It is the most widely accepted brand and enjoys the most recognition with consumers.
  • In 2011, Spartan brand packaging began supporting the voluntary Facts Up Front nutrition labeling system designed by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and the Grocery Manufacturing Association (GMA). Spartan Stores placed the Facts Up Front nutrition icons on the front of products to highlight calories, saturated fat, sodium and sugar per serving, the daily value percentages for saturated fat and sodium, plus up to two icons showing “nutrients to be encouraged”, such as fiber, protein, calcium and vitamins.
  • Facts Up Front is designed to help busy consumers – especially parents – make informed decisions when they shop.


Look Better. Feel Better.
  • TopCare is trusted as the smarter HBC alternative to national brands and the brand provides a comprehensive range of products that meet national brand quality at a better price.
  • TopCare seasonal HBC promotional offerings allow you a turn-key merchandising solution.
    A benefit to the retailer includes enhanced margins and profitability while creating a point of difference for the consumer.

Valu Time

More Value. More Savings.
  • Valu Time offers a good quality product at the very best price in the store.
  • Valu Time provides the best defense against price competitors, protecting profitability and sales which is a benefit to the retailer.