Pharmacy Solutions

Pharmacies are our business! We know how they work best and we provide the tools, products, support and expertise to help any pharmacy run a successful operation. With so much competition out there, it’s important to have someone who can offer more than products – and we do that with a comprehensive program designed to face the powerful competitors in today’s markets.

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Since 1996, our pharmacy buying group has been assisting pharmacies in various ways. This buying group was created to give the independent pharmacies a larger purchasing volume and, therefore, a better cost of goods than they could get on their own. We started with only a couple of pharmacies in Michigan and have currently grown to nearly 75 locations in six states.

Pharmacy Solutions is unique in that our group is comprised of independently-owned-and-operated pharmacies, as well as our own SpartanNash corporately-owned pharmacies. Members of our group operate (1) stand alone, (2) long term care, (3) clinic, and (4) supermarket pharmacies which illustrates that our program offers value across many different operational styles. Plus, we offer experience! Our core operational group has more than 100 years of collective experience in pharmacy. With today’s constantly changing dynamic in the pharmacy market, we gladly share valuable industry information with our pharmacies to keep them current and up to date.