Environmental Sustainability

SpartanNash is committed to environmental sustainability. We know that to be successful we need to evaluate how our business decisions — in the short- and long-term — will impact the environment through our consumption of natural resources and generation of waste materials. We also recognize that the way we operate has a direct effect on the natural environment, the communities we serve and our bottom line. We continue to raise the bar on going green with responsible solutions, energy efficiencies and sustainability initiatives aimed at respecting our environment and protecting our planet.

Operational Excellence is a Core Capability of SpartanNash, and we are committed to efficient and effective operations that minimize our environmental footprint across our retail stores, distribution centers, service centers and fleet.

The Company’s Environmental Efforts Have Been Focused Primarily On:

2022 Energy and Emissions

Our 2022 Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions set a baseline from which we will benchmark and assess our emissions and energy consumption. Going forward, we will use these baselines to further develop mitigation strategies, objectives and plans.

2023-2025 ESG GOALS

2022 Energy Data


Details on our Energy and Emissions can be found in our 2022 ESG report.

Environment, Health and Safety

Investing in the safety of our Associates builds upon our People First culture of caring, and there is nothing more important than ensuring our Associates go home safely to their families every day.

Measured improvements since 2020*

Reduction in Total Recordable Incident Rate
0 %
Decrease in Lost Time Incidents
0 %

2022 Waste Recycled

2022 Waste Recycled

We have recycled 53 million total pounds of cardboard, 1 million total pounds of shrink wrap, 509,000 pounds of stretch film, and 543,000 pounds of mixed film. SpartanNash partners with Trex, a manufacturer of wood-alternative decking, to recycle 100% of the stretch film from our stores and DCs in Michigan and Nebraska. This stretch film is recycled into post-consumer products, such as composite decking used for porches and decks.

Our waste generated has steadily declined as we have improved tracking for about-to-be-aged and aged inventory and taken actions to prevent food from becoming waste. This has led to an overall solid waste reduction of 5.6% since 2021 and 22% since 2020.

Food Waste Operations

Distribution Centers

2022 Food Waste EliminatedEfforts to prevent food waste in our DCs begin with preventing aged inventory. We have increased our use and standardization of processes for promotions at retail and reclaim/salvage actions at distribution centers. This helps sell the product at a discounted rate rather than sending it to a landfill. Donating to our community partners is prioritized as a next step to keep all consumable food out of our landfills. Lastly, we partner with waste vendors to direct more items to recycling or incineration for energy recovery. By diverting waste materials to an anaerobic digestion facility, the by-product is able to be used for both energy recovery and agricultural use.

We strive to source products responsibly and sustainably, which involves partnering with suppliers who uphold our high standards and sourcing products as locally as possible wherever practical. We continue to require each new vendor to read and acknowledge compliance with our Vendor Code of Conduct, demonstrating their commitment to act in a legal, ethical, safe, fair and environmentally responsible manner.


Sustainable Packaging

Our Family | LogoWe are proud to report sustainable packaging options for a portion of our Our Family® products. We will continue to evaluate new opportunities to make a greater portion of our packaging more eco-friendly.

Tall kitchen bags

Drawstring (45 count) and flap-tie (80 count) bags have 65% recycled plastic content.

Compostable Coffee Pods

100% certified compostable by Biodegradable Product Institute (BPI) (bags-inks-valve); plant-based; renewable resources; certified to create healthy soil when composted.

Compostable Cutlery

100% certified compostable by BPI; includes compostable pressed plates and hot and cold cups.

Paper Towels/Bath Tissue

Forest Stewardship Council mix for paper supporting responsible forestry.

Nuts and Dried Fruits

Deli cups use 100% post-industrial content and/or postconsumer recycled PET; fluted corrugate/carton.