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Safety and Regulations

Below are some tips for ensuring a safe experience at the SpartanNash Food Solutions Expo and around town.

Attendee badges are required at all times during the Food Solutions Expo to ensure the safety and security of all attendees.

Be aware of cords, cables, and other items on the Expo floor. If you have any questions about exhibit floor safety protocols, please email [email protected].

Don’t bring any personal valuables on the Expo floor.

Both in the hotel and at Expo, note where the nearest fire exits are.

If staying in a hotel, separate your room key from the key sleeve that notes your room number. This way, if the key is lost, no one will know which room it unlocks.

Have your room key out when approaching your hotel room.

Never give a stranger your room number, and do not speak your room number out loud so that others can overhear.

Be aware of your surroundings when walking around outside. Use the buddy system. Don’t walk and text.