Why is SpartanNash discontinuing the Direct Your Dollars™ program?

Our teams went through an internal review of this program and found that it was a very manual and time-consuming process for our partners, at times taking up to two years before reaching the threshold to receive a check. SpartanNash wanted to cater to our community partners by offering programs that are easier and quicker to process, providing a greater benefit to the organization and our community as a result.

How long do I have to turn our receipts in for payment?

The final date to submit your tallied receipts, submission form and W9 to your local store is March 1, 2023.

What if our organization hasn’t collected $150,000 in receipts?

We understand that it takes organizations time to collect and tally all of their receipts. Therefore, we have prorated the payments for organizations who have collected $100,000 or more.

Information for payouts is as follows:

  • $150,000 or more – $1,000 check
  • $125k-$149,999 – $250 store gift card
  • $100k-$124,999 – $150 store gift card
  • Below $100k – $0

Our donations for the Direct Your Dollars sunset will be capped at $50,000, so organizations should be encouraged to submit any outstanding receipts as early as possible. Once the $50,000 amount has been reached, no additional payments will be issued, regardless of the quantity of receipts collected.

Can an organization turn in more than one submission from now through the final submission date (March 1, 2023)?

No, organizations can only turn in one valid submission during the sunset, ending March 1, 2023.

How long will it take our organization to receive our check?

Once the Store Director audits the submissions, the complete submission form and W9 will be forwarded onto our Accounts Payable department for processing. Once received, it will take up to three weeks for the check to be mailed to the organization.

If our organization earns a gift card, when will we receive that?

The Store Director will audit the receipts immediately at the time of submission. If all the information is correct, including the submission form and the organization’s W9, the Store Director will initiate a gift card payout at that time.

How do I find out more information about your other programs?

Please visit the main landing page for the different programs for additional information on each: