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There are so many advantages and benefits for member pharmacies in our buying group. We are happy to offer the following:

Our Program is Free – It’s always been our goal to help the independent pharmacy owner grow in their market and it is much easier to grow if they’re not inundated with multiple fees. Our program always has been, and always will be, FREE to our members.

Information Exchange – We openly and freely share information. We, too, are owners of pharmacies, so we feel that the more that is shared between us and our members, the more the entire group will realize the benefit of this type of relationship. We never tell members of our group how to operate their businesses. But we will gladly provide help whenever we’re asked to do so.

Personal Account Representatives – Pharmacy members of our group are assigned a personal account representative who is available whenever assistance is needed. We will never impose our business model or operational structure upon a member. Account reps are here to serve so they work with members by regular appointments or whenever there’s a question that needs an answer.

Price – A large benefit of our program offering is price. By pooling all of our purchases together as a group, we’re able to offer savings across the board. When we do business with any vendor, we always make sure that the structure of the agreement offers significant cost savings for our members. The pricing structure of our program has always been very straight forward and easy to understand. We feel that it is in our member’s best interest to know exactly what they are paying for their products and services at any point in time.

Flexibility – Because we are flexible in our offerings, it gives our members more choices. We have partnerships with many vendors and our program is not a “canned” offering. Once a pharmacy is a member, they’re not automatically enrolled in agreements with all of our vendor services. Rather, they’re offered the opportunity to take advantage of any service they feel meets the needs of their operation. Members can pick and choose services that make the most sense for their operation. Many of our current members do participate in our total offering, but none of them are pressured into doing business with a service they feel is unnecessary.