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Our group offers a choice without sacrificing value by teaming up with both ChangeHealthcare and RelayHealth. Both companies provide high quality claim switching, Pre/Post Editing, margin improving, and improved safety services to improve the profitability of your operation.

Medication Returns

Cardinal’s Pre-Funded Outdated Medication Return Program removes the need to chase down multiple credits from different vendors over an extended period of time. Our group has realized the value of getting more money back in a fast and efficient manner.

Claims Reconciliation

Claims Reconciliation through Inmar has been made simple for pharmacies. At the click of a mouse, you have the visibility to all your claims and the corresponding payment information. A tool like this gives you the ability to know you are getting paid correctly and on time.

MAC Resolution & Audit Assistance

The services that LeaderNet can provide to your pharmacy are valuable to your pharmacy in three main areas: Third Party Contracting, MAC Resolution, and Audit Assistance. LeaderNet has access to more preferred networks than any other PSAO.


Medical Staffing Network is a trusted partner to assist you in covering open shifts in your pharmacy when vacations, sickness, or emergencies arise. They have quality pharmacists and technicians available to cover your needs.

PHI Disposal

Do you want to make sure that your PHI is being disposed of completely and securely? Stericycle provides destruction of all paper, labels, and vials without having to separate containers for each. You determine your schedule and they give you the peace of mind knowing that it has been destroyed completely and securely.

Medicare-B Claims

Part-B Specialists has allowed our group to increase their patient base by giving them the ability to process claims for Medicare-B patients without the hassle and expense of the Accreditation process. Med-B Diabetic supplies, Med-B prescription drugs and Med-B flu/pneumonia shots are all filled at your pharmacy without the fear of losing money.


ScriptPro and Eyecon are the leaders in pharmacy robotics and compact counting automation. Our group offers discounts through either company, so if you are looking at expanding into this segment of pharmacy technology, we can help you save money at the same time.